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To enhance Matchmaking for a better, fairer experience, we revised its core mechanics and implemented an all-new template-based algorithm.
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What exactly is a Tier V heavy supposed to do in a match like that? I can't see any of the lower tier tanks, I can't snipe, my armour is paper, and the majority of the enemy team have better accuracy, dispersion and aiming time. If I play my butt off I can maybe, maybe, do a fifth of the damage of the top tier enemy players.

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And if I get a map like Westfield I've no vision and can't snipe, so I can't go south. I basically get to drive around slowly until I die. I think I managed to find one penetrating shot I could take, for a grand total of 96dmg. The difference between tier V tanks and tier VII is utterly enormous, why are they fighting in the same battle??? Play cautiously, set traps and wait for them to come out side on. Does work most of the time, but as soon as shot trading starts - it's back to the garage usually.

Assuming you have the 90mm, it does as much damage per shot as the Tiger I and has enough penetration with standard ammo to penetrate the Tiger. You just have much less health so don't get shot. Before tier 5 HT's saw E's.

How it works

So count your blessings. Then again, you make it sound like your G1B's armor is super effective vs even tier 5 guns. Then again you have a 90mm with alpha.

You can overmatch more targets then a 75 and 76mm HT's on tier 5. Pen is not terrible either vs alpha. So if you don't like it, don't play the tier. If you refuse to go the HT line, then go the medium line. I'm sure you can farm even a Comet with support if your tier 7 meds. As you made it sound like it was your job to brawl with a T29 even when you have tier 7 HT's.

Jobs chances with MM spreads. If you still do go the HT line. Remember that damage is not the only way to farm XP. Even tho your gun is more then good enough for the Tiger's flat mm armor. Just go for it when they reload after firing on your tier 7's.


No point to go forward to trade when they have a shell in the barrel. Most of my games are tier mediums and lights, but I wanted to get some heavies levelled up. I'd forgotten just how bad it is playing a bottom tier heavy in matches like this.

WOT: How I Matchmaking Works

Accuracy is horrible, vision is horrible, it's just a painful experience. No, I mean I can't spot with my bad view range, so I die without even being able to fire back. And I can't sit back in cover and snipe because the gun penetration, accuracy and aiming times are so bad. Yet in the early days, a good player could really turn a game around no matter how bad things looked. Look at this absolute concrete proof that King has broken the algor https: But he has the autism. He MUST have been vaccinated. That's literally the ONLY way to get it.

I hope skill level is not too heavily weighted, otherwise you will have worse and worse coplayers the better you become. True, a lot could have changed in a year. Light tank changes happened after the article was posted.

Creating a Battle

But was introducing sticking tanks with untrained crews in a team of heroes the best way to fix the matchmaker algore? I also heard match making is affected by your clan tag, IMTLS and community contributors if we still have any side note where is Cpt Beardface? I translated it into german in for our community as our german forum was still alive , so I'm just wondering why WG bring it up now. On the other hand it is never too late to came with technical infos. Still doesn't explain how the red team gets full tier 10 team and my team get 5 tens and the rest nines.

Feels like someone half assed this, quit his job, and they had sloppy Steve finish it up and throw it in the patch. When creating a battle, the matchmaker first looks to place eligible large Platoons players , followed by artillery and then light tanks with scout matchmaking. Platoons need to be addressed with this balance template.

A 5 man platoon of try hard tier 10s should not be matched against 5 noobs all playing their first tier 8. If WG won't give us clan wars, and something for all the try hards to do, they need to figure out a better way to implement platoons. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Post a Tank Related Link.

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