Kv-3 matchmaking

Matchmaking. Up to Tier. IX KV VIturret. T turret armor. //mm . traverse speed. 26deg/sec. view range The hull and suspension had been developed at the outbreak of World War II, but the KV-3 was never mass- produced.
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So far, I'd say more than half of the matches I'm put into top out at tier 9, and I've been in at least eight tier 10 matches in the last couple of days. With the long mm and HE, I can usually put a wound on anything albeit not always a significant one , but the KV3 lacks the speed to be anything but an iron coffin compared to the weapons mounted on most tier 9 and 10 vehicles, and unlike the KV-1S or a medium it lacks the mobility to use manouver instead of resilience.

World of Tanks KV-3 - 8 Kills 5K Damage

You can't downgrade manouver, but your resilience is downgraded when it's put up against considerably heavier hitting opponents. KV3 when it's top of the list feels like a bouncanium winmobile most of the time, but for every match at the top I play at least half a dozen at the bottom. Tier spread's just a bit ridiculous, but it's an old story, "working as intended", so makes you wonder about the intent.

In these matches, the one silver lining is that I'm getting XP quite fast since they're "juicy pickings" so to speak, and I doubt I'll have to spend long as a tier 6 heavy, aka a liability.

Roll on the IS! But before I wrap up, one thing's confusing me: I've driven both the VKH and the VKP which are also tier 6, and not once in either of them did I ever see anything higher than tier 9, and rather rarely to be honest. Generally, I'd be lower-middle of a tier 8 match.

Why's the KV3 getting such godawful matchmaking? I don't really know what to complain about.

Kv 3 matchmaking

KT is penetrable from the side, I've even managed to hurt it from the front. I'm no arty hater even an occasional arty player, so I know it's not so easy to kill something with arty , so even GW Tiger does not scare me BTW, the only time I got killed by GW Tiger was friendly fire We were both defending base and suddenly GW Tiger switched to direct fire and shot right through my rear The strongest gun on VK series is a short-barreled 8,8 cm.

Does this get anywhere near the awesomeness know as mm? Keilor 7 Posted 18 September - Matchmaking for KV-3 is fine. Since you only have 30 battles in it I assume it's pretty much stock. Just wait till you get it fully upgraded. You won't complain about matchmaking when credits and XP start rolling in: Perji 9 Posted 19 September - CasualTanker 10 Posted 19 September - Actually when you will get to T-8 T-9, you will still take KV-3 as serious threat.

Especially when they use their tall turret to fire over much more armor allies while hiding their hull. I was much more confident on KV-3 than on IS It doesn't suffer much for being thrown vs higher level tanks it still can hurt them and not easy to destroy.

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  • Kv 3 matchmaking.
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  • KV-3 Matchmaking. - Heavy Tanks - World of Tanks official forum.
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Well I didn't like the games KV-3 is put in nowadays. I got a lot less steelwall medals compared to beta just because it's thrown more often against higher tier enemys. At least it has the option to run away from facing high tiers in 1 vs. Xarper 12 Posted 23 September - KT is penetrable from the side. Xxnessy 13 Posted 23 September - KT is penetrable from front, too.

The mm gun from KV and KV3 can penetrate the hull and the turret also. For hull, aim the lower part. For the turret, just aim the hatch which is on top of the turret. Or you can aim the side of the turret. I know, it is angled, but you can penetrate. Tip for KV3 players: Shoot and then angle a little bit your turret while reloading.

Ambusher 14 Posted 28 September - Started by supershutze , Jan 07 - This topic is locked.

KV-3 matchmaking.

Is it just me, or does the matchmaker treat the KV-3 more like a tier 7 heavy ever since the new patch? I can't even remember the last time I was even in the top half of the battle list.

I see more tier than I do I can't compete in these battles, I lack the speed to effectively flank, and I'm constantly being forced into headlong battles with tier where I can't inflict any damage. I know the KV-3 is a beast. To balance it's lack of speed they are going to need to give it bigger guns than the IS tank when they move it up to tier 7, because the IS tank can at least flank the enemy. ForcestormX 2 Posted Jan 08 - With higher-tier players playing low-tier french tanks, MM has more holes it needs to fill with weaker tanks.