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Si Manuel Acuña Roxas (1 Enero – 15 Abril ) ay ang ikalimang ng Pananalapi sa gabinete ni Pangulong Manuel Quezon, at naihalal () sa habang nagbibigay ng kanyang talumpati sa dating base militar ng Estados.
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He was a member of the House of Representatives —59 and of the Senate —65 , serving as Senate president — In Marcos, who was a prominent member of the Liberal Party founded by Roxas,…. Hare—Hawes—Cutting Act , , the first law setting a specific date for Philippine independence from the United States. It was passed by Congress as a result of pressure from two sources: American farmers, who, during the Great Depression, feared competition from Filipino sugar and coconut oils; and Filipino leaders, who were….

Manuel Quezon , Filipino statesman, leader of the independence movement, and first president of the Philippine Commonwealth established under U. Margarita moran-floirendo y roxas born 15 september , globally known as margie moran, miss universe of ent relatives from the line of domingo roxas y ureta, brother of antonio roxas: Margarita roxas-de ayala y ubaldo — , daughter of domingo roxas who married antonio de ayala. Another proposal was the creation of the central bank of the philippines to help stabilize the philippine dollar reserves and coordinate and the nations banking activities gearing them to the economic trating on the sugar industry, president roxas would exert such efforts as to succeed in increasing production from 13, tons at the time of the philippine liberation to an all-high of one million tons.

Pagkatapos maitatag ang komonwelt ng pilipinas , naging kasapi si roxas sa national assembly, nagsilbi — bilang kalihim ng pananalapi sa gabinete ni pangulong manuel quezon, at naihalal sa senado ng pilipinas.

Larawan ni Pres. Roxas sa P100 bills, may 'bingot'

President of the united states —63 , who faced a number of foreign crises, especially in cuba and berlin, but managed to secure such achievements as the nuclear test-ban treaty and the alliance He was mayor of manila from to roxas y arroyo — , son of antonio roxas y ureta. President of the united states —65 , who preserved the union during the american civil war and brought about the emancipation of the slaves.

This called for 13 makeshift february 22, president gloria macapagal-arroyo led the groundbreaking for the php million 4-storey building to replace the old structure. The inaugural ceremonies were held in the ruins of the legislative building now part of the national museum of the philippines and were witnessed by about , people. March 11, , philippine voters, agreeing with roxas, ratified in a nationwide plebiscite the "parity amendment" to the constitution of the philippines, granting united states citizens the right to dispose of and utilize philippine natural resources, or parity and mangsee islands[edit].

I am, therefore, gratified to report today that the decision you made in approving the Trade Agreement with the United States, whereby you linked the peso to the dollar for a year period, was a decisive factor in bringing us to the level of prosperity and economic and social advancement where we are today.

Ang Pangulo Ko: Manuel A. Roxas

When I recall that your action on this matter was taken in the face of a strong and bitter opposition by certain articulate elements of our population, I am strengthened in my belief that the fate of our nation is secure in your hands. I cannot urge too strongly upon you the need of maintaining the stability of our currency. It is the cornerstone of our economic structure. I, for one, will do my part in defending it. I can visualize far into the future, twenty-six years hence, when the leaders of our people are called upon to pass on the question, that they will be so profoundly convinced of the benefits the nation has derived from the stability of our present currency that they will doubtless decide to maintain and continue the relationship between the peso and the dollar.

There is no shortage, and no rationing of food or of clothing in the Philippines today. I do not expect that shortages will occur in the foreseeable future. As a matter of fact, provided we accelerate further our food production program, we may expect a surplus of some food articles for export. We have greatly increased our rice production during the last two agricultural years.

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We assumed office in the face of an acute rice shortage, particularly in the Manila area. We were constrained to resort to rationing. With great difficulty we succeeded in importing sufficient rice to meet our national requirements until the next harvest. We also immediately undertook an intensive food production campaign and granted crop loans to rice producers. Even if the government should fail to collect part of these loans, the resulting losses, if any, would not be large, and the amount not recovered would be but a small price to pay for having prevented starvation and distress among our people.

Today, despite the many typhoons and floods that swept our country during the past year, we can rest assured that our population will not suffer from a food shortage.

Talambuhay ni dating pangulong manuel roxas

Many areas in our country are now producing rice where rice had never been grown before. The same thing could be said of corn. Vegetables are more abundant and the supply of fish is growing every day. The supply of pork is likewise ample. The production of poultry and eggs is also increasing. True we have a shortage of beef. It is possible that there might be a scarcity of this item in the coming months. But we can import beef and adopt other measures to prevent an acute shortage. This is more than sufficient to supply any deficiency that might occur during the next six months.

For the second half of this year, we have allocations of rice from abroad which, together with our production, will fully cover our national requirements. With regard to textiles, we have not only a sufficient supply but even a substantial surplus over present demands. There is a shortage of housing facilities in Manila and a few other metropolitan centers.

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This shortage the government is solving, first, by the extension of liberal credit facilities to house builders through the Rehabilitation Finance Corporation; second, by the adoption of a housing program soon to be started, whereby houses for laborers and small-salaried employees will be built and leased at nominal cost. There is no housing shortage in the country at large.

Sufficiency of food supply as well as of clothing and shelter for the masses of our population is another accomplishment we can justly take pride in. No other war-devastated country, and much less countries that were battlefields in the last war and occupied by the enemy, can today boast of a similar situation.

There is hunger and starvation in many lands today.

Talambuhay ni dating pangulong manuel roxas

We have every reason to be grateful that because of the resourcefulness of our people and the efforts of our government we have succeeded in solving this vital problem. Have we checked inflation and turned the tide towards a gradual deflationary process? Is the purchasing power of the peso commensurate with the world price level? Is the cost of living gradually declining, there- by increasing the purchasing power of wages?

Inflation is a post-war plague depressing the economy of nations and the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the world. Inflation remains unchecked and is in fact growing worse every day in many foreign countries.

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In our country we are fortunate that we have succeeded not only in arresting inflation but in starting the deflationary trend. This we have done by stimulating increased production and by temporarily encouraging imports which tend to absorb excess purchasing power as fast as possible. While it is necessary that inflation should be controlled, the deflationary process should not be allowed to proceed too rapidly In the same way that we effectively checked inflation, we must do our best to control the speed of deflation.

Failure to do so would disrupt our national economy, set back the progress of reconstruction and development, and bring suffering to our people. By the use of effective controls we will avoid this danger. It will be my privilege to submit to you at this session legislative proposals to that end. The cost of living has gone down considerably during the past year.

Statistics show that the cost of food and clothing in the Philippines has dropped per cent sic in the price index since , but the cost of living is still three times the pre-war level. This is a most significant achievement. Profiteering during the periods of shortages of essential commodities was greatly minimized by the intervention of these government agencies. The commandeering of critical articles such as milk, flour and roofing materials was often resorted to in order to prevent an exorbitant rise in their prices.

While the cost of living has markedly decreased, wages have been maintained at the previous level. This resulted in the increase of the purchasing power of the wages received, which in the last analysis is equivalent to an increase in the wage-level. I shall cite just a few figures to prove my assertion that the cost of living has considerably declined since I shall refer to prices of basic foodstuffs and other commodities as well as to prices of construction and building materials usually considered in determining the index of the cost of living for any nation.

The following are the figures:. These figures taken from the daily market quotations show convincingly that the deflationary process is well under way without having caused serious disturbances in our economy. Our efforts should be exerted in the direction of further stimulating deflation at a gradual pace. Living costs are still too high.

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I trust that with the efforts now employed by the government, implemented by an intensification of agricultural and industrial production, we shall be able in the near future to come to a more satisfactory level of prices. The lowering of prices has resulted in a higher standard of living of our people. Today, the majority of our countrymen are eating more and better food than in , and I have reasons to believe that the larger portion of our population are eating more and better food now than in when the war started. The Philippines is one of the very few countries in the world today where food is not rationed.

I believe we shall not find it necessary to do so in the days to come. Are we suffering from acute unemployment? Are laborers receiving a living wage? Are we reasonably free from strikes or other industrial conflicts? We are still suffering from unemployment. It is not so acute as it was a year and a half-ago but we have not yet succeeded in putting to work all of our available labor supply. There are, however, clear indications of an increase in employment.

Thousands of our countrymen are now working in gainful employment not only in our country but also in some islands of the Pacific. We have about 12, laborers in Guam and 1, in Saipan. In , our census reveals, 1,, persons were unemployed. Today the estimates of the Bureau of the Census and Statistics show that we have only 1,, unemployed. It is my hope that with the establishment of the proposed new industries and the expansion of our agricultural production, we shall be able to give employment to a large number of our laborers who are now unemployed, at satisfactory wages.