Dating 4 years apart

years?! I know people that have a year age difference. BUT in your case I don't know if I would be dating a teenager. Simply because of the maturity .
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Breaks down a bit on the extreme values, but that's whatever. Shuggananas Banned Dec 2, Dec 10, 12, 0 0. Nothing under 20 is my rule. And I wouldn't go for anything above for a high limit Currently 25 Waiting for thedanger to contribute.

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Sep 9, 4, 0 0. From what I've observed is that the gap becomes more acceptable the older both are. For example, a 28 year old dating an 18 year old has people raise eyebrows more than a 38 year old dating a 28 year old from what I've seen.

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  • Is it wrong to date someone 4/5 years younger than you...?.

Jun 9, 3, 2 0. You sound like a young dude. This is more common than you think. Heck it was worse in olden times, but it was dating, but marriage and courtship. My grandmother got married 15 to a 31 one year man. Had six kids with him. NoblesseOblige Banned Dec 2, Aug 22, 21, 1 0. Personally, at 28, I typically avoid anyone under But that's not so much due to acceptance and more that I generally find people under that age to be far more immature than I'd like.

In the other direction I'd probably put my cut-off at dating around But other than that I don't really feel I have any 'rules' and my preference changes pretty frequently. Also I think ratio is more important than just a solid difference. If I have 3 years to your 2 years then I feel we're on far too different of levels. So being 30 and dating 20 is a nope. But at 40 and 30 it's 4: Thebeardofknowledge Banned Dec 2, Jul 21, 2, 0 0. As long as both parties are over 18 who gives a shit what the age gap is?

Live life and be happy. HvySky Member Dec 2, Jun 12, 3, 0 0 United States. I honestly don't really relate an age to most people these days.


I'm 22 and my ex whom I split from just earlier this year is Others pointed it out but it never really came up between us, to be honest. I would actually sorta forget the age difference because it wasn't important. Whatever connection we had trumped any number. Jun 25, 9, 3 Jan 24, 6, 4 Canada dice Jul 27, 30, 0 0.

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Feb 2, 9, 0 0. Personally, as a 29 year old: No younger than Aug 21, 6, 0 0. So if you're years old, Sorian Banned Dec 2, Nov 18, 22, 0 0. It's okay for 18 years old to date a 16 years old? Zukuu Banned Dec 2, Jan 19, 10, 0 0. You shouldn't care about what other think. If you resolve your life around what other's think, you are prone to be unhappy.

Dating a girl 4 years younger than you?

If it's legal and makes you happy, go for it. John Kowalski Banned Dec 2, Oct 31, 30, 0 0 among the creatures of the night. Oct 23, 5, 0 0. That's definitely pretty crazy. I'm kinda hot I think so I'll treat you right. Nov 17, 1, 0 0.

My grandmother got married at 15 to a 31 year one year man. So much for you not giving us your age, lol. Jun 5, 15, 0 0. No minimum but I feel teenagers need extra guidance when dealing with someone above statuary rape law ages. TylerD Member Dec 2, Jan 3, 10, 0 I'm 32 and my girlfriend of 6 months is She is very mature for her age and continues to surprise me with her maturity. Age doesn't matter if two people "click". Dec 21, 4, 0 Ohio. Half your age, round down to the nearest whole number, and add 7.

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If your intended date is older than you, apply that to their age. TangerineCloud Banned Dec 2, Nov 9, 3, 0 0. Viewt Member Dec 2, Jan 5, 5, 0 0 29 Chicago, IL crosstawk. Before that, I think a 5-year gap is pretty much where I'd stop. Honestly, as a year old, even the idea of dating a year old sounds like a bad idea. If I dated a year old, they'd just be getting out of college, trying to make ends meat while looking for their first career job and figuring out how to be an adult. Meanwhile, I'm fairly settled, have disposable income, and like to go on vacation at least a few times a year.

We'd just be on way different wavelengths. On the flip side, I'd imagine a woman in her mid-to-late 30s might find me a little too young. Comments Share what you think.

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