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All posts should be relevant to Madden Ultimate Team. A weekly off topic I would think that kind of crap would be saved for all madden levels. 16 was like Granted . You could derank and play scrub teams all year.
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From then on, your Division is determined at the start of each weekly competition and is based on your Skill Rating. Once a weekly competition starts, you will stay in that Division until it ends.

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There are 10 Divisions in Division Rivals. You can see in-game what the Skill Rating requirements are for each Division at the start of each weekly competition. During weekly competitions, your Skill Rating will change based on the results of the matches you play in Division Rivals. If your Skill Rating drops below the range for your current Division, you can be relegated down into a lower Division.

In addition, there is a relegation zone in all Divisions except for Division If that did happen, you would need to grow your Skill Rating back up to to get back to Division 5. Your Division determines the potential rewards you could earn during the week as well as the number of FUT Champions Points that you earn from playing matches. With every match you play, your Skill Rating will change.

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It will increase or decrease based on how you do in your matches. Every match you play in Division Rivals will determine any changes to your Skill Rating.

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Win a match and your Skill rating will probably go up; lose a match and it will probably go down. If you win a match with someone that has a higher Skill Rating than you, yours will go up more than if you won against someone with a similar or lower Skill Rating. If you draw, your Skill Rating could go up, down, or not change at all.

If their Skill Rating is about the same as yours, it might stay right where it is. If their Skill Rating is higher than yours, your Skill Rating could go up.

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Up to a maximum of 60 Skill Rating points can be gained or lost between the two players. Want an easy way to figure it out? Simple free online dating.

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